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Activating your inner potential

Episode Summary

In episode 5 of Standard Deviation Podcast, we are joined by Jeff Sauer, founder of Data Driven U (or DDU, originally called Jeffalytics), and we are discussing the intricacies of entrepreneurship but also how one can achieve their true inner potential by making bets, finding their niche and by thinking outside the box. Jeff Sauer is the Founder of DDU, agency owner, business coach, blogger at Jeffalytics, lecturer, and a proud Minnesotan. A firm believer in data-driven marketing, Jeff’s work has been featured in many industry publications and “best of” lists. Jeff has had 17,000+ digital marketers enroll in his Digital Marketing certification programs. He has delivered over 100 keynote presentations and workshops in 20 countries. Check out the episode notes for resources. If you liked this episode, don't forget to subscribe and share it with your friends :)

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